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How Media Literacy Week Promotes Community

DAY: Monday, December 18th, 2023

TIME: 12 pm EST | 6 pm CET | 1030 pm IST

LocationRegister for Webinar Here. 

Media Literacy Week ColumbusIn this webinar, Pamela Morris and her colleagues and students will review and reflect on their experience in developing Media Literacy Week in Columbus, which was sponsored locally by Indiana University Columbus and nationally by the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE). Join us to discuss and reflect on the strategy behind organizing this significant community outreach initiative. Get practical ideas that you can use for hosting your own Media Literacy Week community events in 2024!

The coordinated effort included 12 events (held online or on campus or at the local public library). Topics included: 

  • AI: The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown 
  • Black Freedom Struggle Encoded Across Platforms
  • Critical Thinking and Media Literacy: For Educators
  • Learning Media Literacy Through Dialogue
  • The Idea Garden Open House
  • Free Speech, Hate Speech, and Conflict 
  • Main Street in the Columbus Learning Center: Media Literacy Tables
  • Unveiling Media Realities: Critical Perspectives on Media Literacy 
  • Generative AI and/versus the Extended Mind
  • From Code to Canvas: The Generative AI Media Revolution panel discussion
  • Revisit: Social Media Misinformation: Health, Wellness, and Questioning Your Sources
  • Media Representations of Protest Activity


Learn more here: Media Literacy Week 2023, Indiana University Columbus

Watch the recorded webinar: