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Digital Media and Learning Conference, Feb 18 - 20

Join Renee Hobbs and members of the Media Education Lab at the DML Conference in LaJolla, California on February 18 - 20 for this exciting conference on digital media and learning. They are offering a session on Friday, February 18th at 11 am, entitled, "In and Out of the Box: Elementary, Rural, Urban and Minority Children's Engagement with Digital Media for Learning about the World."

Lori Takeuchi, Sesame Workshop
Joy Pierce, University of Utah
John Landis and Henry Cohn-Geltner, Temple University
Renee Hobbs, Temple University

Children, Family and Context Issues

  • Considering the developmental issues in children’s use of digital media and the role of family and teachers in patterns of access and use
  • The role of geography, social class, family structure, and community as it affects differential access and use
  • Addressing (and challenging) assumptions about what’s developmentally appropriate for young children
  • Responding to children’s pre-existing attitudes about news, current events and celebrity culture

Instruction and Learning Issues

  • Dealing with the basics: how the need to master essential skills may shape/compromise curricular choices
  • How children’s skill mastery and perceived competence contributes to self-esteem, motivation and social power
  • Unpacking the pleasure of emotional engagement with the “other” through digital media
  • The protectionism-empowerment spectrum as experienced by children, parents and teachers in the elementary grades
  • Exploring the relationship between media literacy and technology integration
  • The challenge of integrating access, analysis and composition/production into instructional practice
  • Negotiating teacher anxiety about bringing news and current events into the classroom