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AI 101: Introducing students to generative AI

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In this webinar, we’ll share a model for introducing students to some of the “big questions” about machine learning and generative AI. While many students have experience using generative AI, not all do - and many are unaware of the ways in which machine learning and generative AI have been built into many of the systems they already interact with. What do students need to know about AI in order to make informed decisions about its use? How can students weigh the benefits and the risks of generative AI? How can we help students understand how models are trained and where bias may be introduced? We’ll share a model for a “crash course” in what’s important to know about artificial intelligence. 

DAY: Tuesday, October 17th, 2023

TIME: 1 pm EST | 7 pm CET | 11:30 pm IST



Joe Delfino

Joe Delfino



Joe Delfino spent 19 years as a software engineer at Google, CNN, and several tech startups. Two years ago, he decided to shift gears to pursue a career in teaching. Currently, he teaches Computational Thinking at Beaver Country Day School in Brookline, Massachusetts. He hopes to use his tech industry experience to equip today's students with the skills needed to navigate a swiftly evolving technological landscape.


About this AI Webinar Series

This series will explore our understanding of AI literacy and the impacts of AI on media education by discussing the benefits and challenges brought on by AI’s growing presence in the classroom.

What are the impacts of AI in education and media literacy? Should we use AI in the classroom? What does it mean to be AI-literate?

This new AI webinar series from the Media Education Lab explores the potential range of affordances and challenges associated with AI and its implementation as a tool for media education. In particular, the webinars will discuss the use of AI to enhance or hinder the educational experience, the impact of AI on teaching and learning, and the implications of AI-driven technologies such as search engines, chats, images, and videos. The discussion will delve into the ethical implications of AI in media education, including issues of privacy, data security, and copyrights. As part of each session, the webinar series will provide practical advice for educators on how we can best utilize AI in the classroom.

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