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Yes, You Can Use Copyrighted Materials for Digital Literacy ISTE 2015

Learn about copyright and fair use for digital literacy education in grades K-12 and how to integrate copyright education into student media production.

copyright birdIn this session, Renee Hobbs, Sandy Hayes and Kristin Hokanson explore the importance of copyright and fair use for digital literacy. Participants gain knowledge about U.S. copyright law as it relates to the most common instructional practices in digital literacy and appreciate the concept of transformative use. They gain confidence in making a fair use determination and learn how to integrate fair use reasoning into student media production activities. Finally, participants increase their ability to advocate for the fair use of copyrighted materials in digital literacy

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Today's Meet  - chat with us about copyright and fair use for digital literacy

Kahoot - Copyright and Fair Use Quiz 

Instructional Resources from Sandy Hayes  

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VEW: User Rights, Section 107

READ: Renee's Book, Copyright Clarity: How Fair Use Supports Digital Learning 

READ: "How a New Librarian of Congress Could Improve U.S. Copyright," The Atlantic, June 2015 

BONUS HANDOUT: Sandy's Curated List of Resources and Videos about Copyright and Fair Use