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MediaEd Index

MediaEd Index

Establish your school or community as a leader in data-driven implementation of media literacy education!

District-Level Survey in Maynard, Massachusetts

Measuring the implementation of media literacy instructional practices has the potential to drive the systematic inclusion of media literacy into the elementary and secondary curriculum. After Renee Hobbs and colleagues developed the Media Literacy Implementation Index (MLI), schools and communities are using the survey (with both students and community members) to support planning and implementation processes. With support from Media Literacy Now, school leaders in Maynard (MA) gathered data from both students and teachers to learn more about the implementation of media literacy at the district level. The report, which is available online, will be presented to school board officials in August, 2023. 

Statewide Survey in Rhode Island

Media Literacy Now-RI, in collaboration with the University of Rhode Island’s Media Education Lab, conducted a statewide study of the level of media literacy integration in Rhode Island schools. The study, led by professional and student researchers at the Media Education Lab, includes an online survey of school educators, administrators, and parents, and follow-up interviews with volunteer respondents for more in-depth information. The project was supported with funding from Social Science Institute for Research, Education, and Policy (SSIREP) at the University of Rhode Island. Read the report here. 

READ: Community Report Card measures media literacy implementation statewide  


How to Establish a Research Partnership with the Media Education Lab

The Media Education Lab is pleased to offer a survey research instrument that measures the prevalance of media literacy education in schools and communities. We have a student survey for grades 4 - 12 and an adult stakeholder survey for school leaders, teachers, librarians, parents, community members, and elected public officials.

Would you like to use the MLI Index to improve media literacy education in your school or community? Choose one of these options: 

  • Collaborate freely¬†with the Media Education Lab, who will lightly adapt the survey for use in your school and community. You will get a unique URL to collect the data at no cost to you¬†because you are sharing¬†the results with the Media Education Lab. You get a raw data file to use as you see fit.¬†

  • Develop a partnership¬†with the Media Education Lab, who will adapt the survey to your specifications, provide you with a¬†unique URL to distribute the survey. For an additional fee, we will produce a report of findings to serve as a baseline and a blueprint to¬†guide your curriculum development and implementation process.¬†You and your¬†organization will be credited as co-authors of the report. We can also¬†recommend consultants who can guide your change management process.

  • Partner to maximize your impact!¬†For an additional fee, get professional support from¬†Media Literacy Now¬†to¬†promote the story of¬†your community's media literacy implementation initiative to¬†local and national media outlets. Email Renee Hobbs at¬†¬†to learn more.¬†