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The AI Challenge: Tool Or Tyrant?

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In this webinar, we will discuss how Artificial Intelligence (AI), and especially generative AI (ChatGPT, Dall-E, etc.) is catalyzing a vast transformation of our society. We are seeing the first few effects, such as computer programmers who are twice as productive, graphic arts produced by amateurs, products and songs recommended to us based on our preferences, new drugs discovered, and more. But we have also identified great risks, such as faulty and biased algorithms used to make life-altering decisions, and personalized disinformation used to manipulate people on a massive scale. Some highly respected observers regard AI as a threat to humanity itself. Come to this presentation to explore these issues.

DAY: Monday, January 22nd, 2024

TIME: 3 pm EST | 9 pm CET


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Speaker: Jeffrey Perrone
Jeffrey Perrone
Humane technologist, conversation designer, inventor, entrepreneur, and AI explorer. Co-designed one of the world’s first user-content based websites, and co-founded one of the first shared-economy lodging startups. Interested in user empowerment, and the process of building and maintaining trust. 


About this AI Webinar Series

This series will explore our understanding of AI literacy and the impacts of AI on media education by discussing the benefits and challenges brought on by AI’s growing presence in the classroom.

What are the impacts of AI in education and media literacy? Should we use AI in the classroom? What does it mean to be AI-literate?

This new AI webinar series from the Media Education Lab explores the potential range of affordances and challenges associated with AI and its implementation as a tool for media education. In particular, the webinars will discuss the use of AI to enhance or hinder the educational experience, the impact of AI on teaching and learning, and the implications of AI-driven technologies such as search engines, chats, images, and videos. The discussion will delve into the ethical implications of AI in media education, including issues of privacy, data security, and copyrights. As part of each session, the webinar series will provide practical advice for educators on how we can best utilize AI in the classroom.

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