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MediaEd Club

Your favorite community to discuss thought-provoking media!

It was at the 2018 Summer Institute in Digital Literacy that this seed of an idea was sown when we decided to have a monthly meeting to discuss compelling books, podcasts, videos or any media related to our interests.

Samantha Stanley, Ph.D. and Michael Stoepel got together as the first coordinators of the MediaEd Club in 2018 and continued to lead this initiative brilliantly for four years! Later, they were joined by Devina Sarwatay who live tweeted the MediaEd Club meetings so that people who could not join were able to follow the conversation on Twitter.

Samantha and Michael invited hosts every month to discuss their favorite media with members and eventually helped create a community that has since learned and grown together. We have discussed books, videos, and podcasts, shared teaching resources and ideas for workshops new technology and media artifacts together, and shared our aspirations and anxieties about media, technology, and media education in this community. After a short break, MediaEd Club was back with new coordinators - Jocelyn Young and Devina Sarwatay, who continue with this vibrant community and its vital communication.

Engage with our MediaEd Club community! 

We invite hosts for future meetings and discuss a cool book, podcast, video or any media related to our interests.

Please get in touch:

Jocelyn Young, Webinar Series Manager |

Devina Sarwatay, Webinar Series Manager  |

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Upcoming MediaEd Club Online Meetings:


Monday, December 4th, 2023 - 10 best Media Literacy Resoruces 


Monday, January, 2023 - .