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Media Literacy and Substance Abuse Prevention

On March 25 - 26 in Harrisburg, 60 educators from across Pennsylvania from states including New Hampshire, New York and Michigan attended the Drug Free Pennsylvania’s third annual media literacy conference,Media Literacy and Its Impact on Substance Abuse

Renee Hobbs joined with Dr. Brian Primackfrom the University of Pittsburgh and Dr. Jean Kilbourne to provide educators and other professionals with an understanding of the core concepts of media literacy to help teach kidshow to make healthy lifestyle decisions regarding substance abuse. Participants gained the skills needed to reach our kids through interactive, hands-on applications in media literacy. Participants received lesson plans and resource materials to implement media literacy programs in the classroom, or during after-school programs or family sessions. Participants received The Media Straight Up! Critical Thinking Skills for Pennsylvania’s Youth curriculum guide.


Media Technology and 1st Century Learners

Tobacco Primer

Keynote Address

Introduction to Media Literacy 


Alcohol Primer

Participants Created Radio Public Service Announcements-- Listen Here!