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How Mini-Podcasts Build Media Literacy and Active Listening Skills

Using Mini-Podcasts to Build Media Literacy and Active Listening SkillsDATE: Thursday, March 14 
TIME: 10:00am - 11:00am
A crucial element of civic engagement is discussion and dialogue. Indeed, the importance of learning to listen, reflect, and respond with civility can’t be understated. 
Learn how Courageous Conversations structures dialogue and discussion around topics related to the role of communication, media, technology and society. To reflect on how dialogue can uphold democratic values and practices, participants will learn how to create a mini-podcast from a simple activity where encounter the perspectives of different people, and then practice active listening, kindness, and compassion. 
Participants will listen to highlights of Courageous Conversations on the Portal and be guided on how to create a mini-podcast out of their reflections. This workshop can be used with students, educators, librarians or the general public who want to consider how media literacy involves both "reading" and "writing" with media.
PRESENTERS: Catherine Morris and Renee Hobbs, Courageous Rhode Island 
Looking to get involved in your community?  This event is part of Rhode Island Civic Learning Week, which offers free programming to enhance your civic knowledge! For more information and program schedule, please visit