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Hobbs Keynotes at EEPG

Renee Hobbs offers the keynote at the European Educational Publishers Group on May 27, 2021. The European Educational Publishers Group is a network of European publishers sharing knowledge and experience and working for improving education across countries.

Propaganda vs Education in a Digital Age

By Renee Hobbs

Propaganda can be found in marketing and advertising, government and politics, news and information, activism, entertainment -- and even in education. Information has always been used to promote a point of view. But what has changed since the onset of digitisation? If a social media post activates strong emotions, simplifies information, appeals to your hopes, fears and dreams, or attacks opponents, it just might be propaganda. But when and how do educational practices function as propaganda? And what is the difference between propaganda and indoctrination? What kinds of dispositions, knowledge and skills help people navigate in a world where sponsored content, clickbait, political ads, memes, and disinformation are in widespread circulation, remixed and retransmitted by our friends, neighbors and family? What knowledge and what skills do educators and learners need to develop to manage the diverse genres of persuasion and propaganda that are part of everyday life? Learn more about the instructional strategies that can be used with people of all ages to reshape the social practices of reading, writing, and learning in ways that promote human freedom, civic responsibility, and social justice.

About the Presenter

Renee Hobbs is the author of Mind Over Media: Propaganda Education for a Digital Age, which was awarded the 2021 PROSE Award for Excellence in Social Sciences from the Association of American Publishers. As professor of communication studies and director of the Media Education Lab, she co-directs the Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacy at the University of Rhode Island. She has published 12 books and over 150 scholarly and professional articles and developed multimedia learning resources for elementary and secondary teachers. Twitter: @ReneeHobbs