Webinars and Online Learning

Long before the coronavirus crisis brought online learning to the fore, the Media Education Lab has pioneered the use of webinars and online discussion groups to support our global knowledge community. At the EVENTS page, you will find upcoming and past webinars, community gatherings, conferences and professional development programs. Some of our key online programs include: 

  • Virtually Viral Hangouts, a program that provides emotional support, dialogue and learning during the covid-19 self-isolation;
  • DigiURI Book and Media Club, a monthly gathering to discuss books, films, podcasts and videos;
  • The Virus of Racism, a discussion series on racial justice and equity;
  • Media Literacy Entrepreneurs, a discussion series on building careers in media literacy education' and 
  • Media Literacy Webinars, which offer professional development workshops that model best practices in media literacy education. In 2021, this program is co-sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English. 



Demonstrate the development of your knowledge and skills as a member of our online professional learning community! To receive your badge, participate in 5 of the 12 Media Literacy Webinars sponsored by the Media Education Lab hosted by Frank Baker and Renee Hobbs. After you have participated in 5 Media Literacy programs, compose a brief email to Renee Hobbs at hobbs@uri.edu. In your email, describe some key ideas from each of the 5 programs you participated in. Explain how you can apply what you learned to your work or life. You will be issued your badge within 14 days of submitting your email. 

Visit the EVENTS page to find upcoming webinars featuring Frank Baker and Renee Hobbs. 



These webinars are eligible for the Media Literacy Badge

January 2021 - The Big Game

February 2021  - Reading the Pictures

March 2021 - Tournaments of Value: Teaching the Oscars

April 2021 - Vaccine Propaganda