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MediaEd Club: The Future is Analog

In this session, Francia Garcia Hernandez will guide a discussion on the future of technology based on the thought-provoking book "The Future is Analog" by David Sax.

Amid the increasing use of AI and predictions about the digital future, this book offers some lessons drawn from the COVID-19 pandemic that can guide individuals in using technology to live more intentionally. 

Join a conversation to discuss how we can intentionally use digital technology in different spaces and environments.

Date: Monday, June 3, 2024
Time: 12pm EDT | 5pm BST | 9:30pm IST
Location: Free and online. Click here to register. 

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Francia Garcia Hernandez is a purpose-driven communications specialist and journalist from Mexico City. A graduate of the Civic Media program at Columbia College Chicago, she manages digital content for the Media Education Lab and produces media that centers on community participation, equity, and justice for different local outlets. She has also led communications and sustainability programs in the business and nonprofit sectors in Mexico and the U.S. 

About the book:  

In "The Future Is Analog", David Sax points out that the onset of the pandemic instantly gave us the digital universe we’d spent so long anticipating. Instant communication, online shopping, virtual everything. 
It didn’t take long to realize how awful it was to live in this promised future. We craved real experiences, relationships, and spaces and got back to real life as quickly and often as we could.
In chapters exploring work, school, religion, and more, this book asks pointed questions: Is our future inevitably digital? Can we reject the downsides of digital technology without rejecting change? Can we innovate not for the sake of productivity but for the good of our social and cultural lives? Can we build a future that serves us as humans, first and foremost?

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Francia Garcia Hernandez, Digital Content Coordinator |