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The Media That Makes Us

This webinar series features participants of the MediaEd Institute and their final projects. 

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In this presentation, Erin James will share a slide deck that can be used to teach media literacy to middle schoolers. With an emphasis on girls, their adolescent identity and self-esteem, the activity presented introduces the basic tenets of media literacy and explores how and why the media we consume is integral to our identity. The activity can work with teenagers that have or do not have devices and can be modified to apply to all genders. 


Day: Tuesday, April 30th

Time: 12PM EST | 9AM PST | CEST 18:00 | IST 21:30


Presenter: Erin James

Erin James is a Los Angeles based tutor and certified media literacy educator. She graduated from Brown University with a degree in Modern Culture and Media. Before pursuing media literacy education worked in the children's media space including live action and animation. Understanding modes of communication is a passion of hers. 


About This Webinar Series

The MediaEd Institute webinar series explores the variety of final project that participants design during our 6-week long leadership development. The webinar series aims to provide a platform for participants to showcase their work and engage in a dialogue with the audience. It is our hope to continue engaging with our community and invite presenters for future webinars to showcase their work. Please get in touch: 
Yonty Friesem, Executive Director of the Media Education Lab