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Media Club: Gen Z, Digital Media and Transcultural Lives

In this session, Kiran Vinod Bhatia and Manisha Pathak-Shelat will share the methodological approach and key arguments proposed in their book Gen Z, Digital Media and Transcultural Lives: At Home iCover Imagen The World. The authors will discuss the Quotidien Playful Resilience framework and then use breakout rooms for participants to discuss their observations on the framework in their own context.

Date: Monday, May 6, 2024

Time: 12pm EDT | 5pm BST | 9:30pm IST

Location: Free and online. Click here to register. 


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Prof. Manisha Pathak-Shelat is a Professor of Communication and Digital Platforms & Strategies and Co-Chair, Centre for Development Management & Communication (CDMC), at MICA, Ahmedabad, India. She is also the editor of the journal of Creative Communications published by Sage. She has extensively worked on young people’s digital cultures and media and information literacy.




Kiran Vinod Bhatia is a digital anthropologist working at the intersection of marginalization, young people, and digital media studies. She is the Research Director at FemLab and leads projects in the field of creator economy, user behaviors/interactions, digital cultures, social movements, and networked activism.


About the book:  Most books on young people in the global South focus on how Gen Z consumes content and are thus receivers of global cultural flows. "Gen Z, Digital Media, and Transcultural Lives: At Home in the World" offers narrative exploration of how Gen Z in the global South uses digital media and technologies to not only engage with global cultural content, but also create content for employment, leisure, advocacy, and awareness. This book offers a new perspective that illustrates how this generation practices playful resilience in engaging with global flows and local realities.


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